Health Plan Management

Manage Your Plan, Don’t Let the Plan Manage You

At Premier Consulting Associates, we work with our clients to not only determine the most effective and efficient way to establish a self-funded or managed health plan, but also the best ways to manage it. Staying on top of costs and making the details of your plan easily accessible to employees helps to make it more useful for plan members, while helping to manage expenses.

Powered by Partnerships – and PremierLinxSM

Premier’s solutions for plan management include our work with leading national partners like HealthJoy which allow us to offer effective online tools and apps for customers to help stay on top of their plans. This can ensure eligible participants can access the information they need while helping reduce the overhead time for your team to manage claim requests or enrollment paperwork, while also allowing for long-term cost reduction through wellness programs and preventative or preemptive care recommendations.

We also offer incredible insights and analytics through our PremierLinxSM data analysis and reporting services capabilities. Tangible data on the use of your plan can help with plan modeling and forecasting, usage auditing, administrative cost tracking and reporting, and much more. PremierLinxSM  can help expedite claims, provide rapid access to key information, and allow for electronic distribution of reports. Contact us today to learn more.

Promoting Wellness

Premier also helps employers with wellness programs. From establishing a campaign to promoting it among your staff to seeing the results in lower premiums and overall costs, a wellness campaign is good for body and mind – and budget. Let our team help you take the lead on wellness and promote better health for your whole organization.

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