In 2018, Premier became the exclusive Western New York health care consultant to partner with HealthJoy, an employee benefits application. Through this cutting-edge application, Premier offers a best-in-class solution to engaging employees and to better manage their benefits costs.

HealthJoy is the world’s most sophisticated health care guidance and cost containment application. It helps employees make better health care decisions and improves their health care benefits experience. For employers, it is an employee benefit that pays for itself through real cost savings in telemedicine and network referrals, employee communications and employee satisfaction.

Employees have free access to health care concierge services to find a doctor, answer benefit questions, book an appointment and more. They have access to their benefit plan summaries, deductible and claims information, in addition to provider recommendations and referrals, right on their phones. The provider chat feature is available with a $0 copay, unlike many carrier telemedicine services that charge members an office visit copay. Online chats are available 24/7.

They also have a virtual assistant in “JOY” that will guide them through all applications and services. Employees with HSAs will appreciate the health cost estimator that provides cost and quality transparency. Data is protected with 256-bit encryption and complies with all federal HIPAA regulations.

For employers, there are three big advantages: an increase in benefits satisfaction, a decrease in administrative costs and a decrease in health care costs.

Employers can use HealthJoy to push messaging to employees, including information about open enrollment, wellness campaigns or plan benefits changes. Employers have access to a real-time dashboard that shows key metrics about performance and how employees are using the application, including the estimated program savings they are realizing through use of telemedicine and cost-effective provider referral.

HealthJoy’s experience has demonstrated that in the first year after implementation, total program savings is about 4.5 times the return on investment. HealthJoy increases satisfaction with existing employee benefits while assisting employers in reducing health care costs.

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