Employer Wellness

Healthy Triumph

Our program, Healthy Triumph, makes healthy living attainable and health improvements achievable. This clinically based, fully integrated wellness program focuses on an employee’s total well-being, connecting participants to clinical care and bringing together all elemements of your benefit program. With our personalized testing, immediate outreach, industry-leading engagement rates, powerful data analytics and deailted reporting, we support our members every step of the way.

Health Evaluation

Healthy Triumph starts with a 38-panel venipuncture Smart Testing that is tailored based on each participant’s age, gender health history and test results, and requires only one blood draw to identify a wide variety of important risk factors. Combined with a comprehensive health assessment, an individual’s baseline health score is computed and an achievable Personal Health Goal is set.

Testing Flexibility

Program participation is improved with flexible appointment scheduling options. Individuals who are unable to attend the worksite health evaluation are encouraged to test at a nearby laboratory. Healthy Triumph continually expands lab network access to ensure accessibility to patients and increase the availability of options for employee participation.

Immediate Intervention

Of the individuals tested, approximately 3-4 percent have critical health conditions requiring immediate attention. This high-risk population is reached out to within one to two business days, resulting in industry-leading rates of engagement, improved health and behavior change.

Health Coaching

Through targeted outreach, our program provides ongoing health coaching for individuals with newly discovered and trending health risks before they progress to a more advanced state. Outreach occurs within three to five business days after the health evaluations, resulting in industry-leading rates of participation and health improvement.

Personal Health Score and Goal

Powered by ActiveEngine, our proprietary data analytics engine, measurable health improvements are made possible with a Personal Health Score. Setting an achievable Personal Health Goal that recognizes progress helps participants see improvement in their health and maintain motivation.

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